Welcome to the CCSL Coaches Corner

This section of the website is concerned with assisting all coaches deliver sessions that promote the development of the player. The CCSL is focused on helping coaches create safe efficient development environments, which emphasize positive growth and sportsmanship within all our member clubs.

Our purpose is to lead and serve the whole CCSL family by achieving success and integrity for the game under confident leadership. At the heart of soccer in NY and the North East, we will nurture and protect the games future, ensuring both a winning mentality and access for all who wish to get involved.

Does your club have a customized coach and player development curriculum? Do you need help planning age group curriculum and session plans. If so please get in touch with CCSL Technical Director John Curtis today. The CCSL offers curriculum development packages that will help club DOC's, Technical Directors and coaches deliver the best possible program to their players.

Does your club/organization have standardized systems of play? Does your club play the same style of soccer throughout the age groups? Do the coaches and players understand what is expected from them? The CCSL offers club management packages that enable club directors to implement strategies that help clubs operate in an efficient, consistent and professional manner.

We Aim to;

  • Create a world class league with exceptional coaches & highly skilled players
  • Develop a reputation as the best league environment for Long Term Player Development
  • Enable players and coaches of every ability to improve - and provide the maximum enjoyment from the game of soccer.
  • Generate players & coaches who can perform at the highest level

The CCSL Coaching Resource Library provides coaches with information in 6 specific fields. Each field contains a wealth of material, that can assist coaches in delivering the highest possible standards of coaching to their players.

CCSL Coaching Resource Library

Please contact CCSL Technical Director John Curtis at for more details.