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Choice and Common Sense

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Our League

CCSL, under the sanctioning of US Club Soccer, CCSL will offer a structured based league for 2010:U8-1999/00:u19 age groups, both Boys & Girls for the Spring 2018 season. The League will be comprised of teams from the State of Connecticut . The League is structured to provide participating teams/clubs with the appropriate level of competition, while maintaining a challenging environment for individual and team development.

Highlights of the program will include

  • 2010:U8 age groups will play 5v5 small sided in order to better aid player development.
  • 2009:U9-2008:U10 age groups will play 7x7 small sided in order to better aid player development.
  • 2007:U11-2006:U12 age groups will play 9v9 small sided in order to better aid player development.
  • All age groups will play a traditional 8-9 game season.
  • Roster flexibility. Any and all players who are US Club carded, may play on ANY team within that club provided they are age appropriate
  • An Advisory Board consisting of 5 Directors of Coaching from the league, will establish all rules and guidelines for the League.
  • Coaching curriculum will be established and maintained for all members

Choices and Common Sense

  • We believe in the common sense of parents who are best suited to choose their children's level and location of participation in any activity including soccer and most often, will make the best choice for the children.
  • We believe children placed, by parental choice, under the guidance of professional soccer coaches and an unbelievable number of volunteers, are, most often, benefiting immensely from the lessons offered by participation in a high level soccer learning environment.
  • We believe a league, which supports the clubs who believe this concept of player development, is necessary, ethical and missing.

Our Values

The primary focus of a successful soccer program will be the individual player and their families.

  • We believe a primary focus of soccer coaches, teams and clubs will be the development of children as people first and players second.
  • We believe individual player development will be a clubs primary focus and team success a secondary but important goal.
  • We believe the players, parents, coaches and clubs who are the exception to the previously mentioned principles will benefit from involvement in a league, which promotes and expects this behavior from its participants.
  • We believe the CSSL offers a league supporting the players, parents, coaches and clubs in this endeavor.

Simple administration

  • We believe a league should be governed by simple administrative procedures which provide players, teams and clubs flexibility in the player development process.
  • We believe clubs should have the ability to move players up and down within their club using a club player pass.
  • We believe clubs should have the ability to make changes game to game due to illness, injury, vacation, changing ability, practice attendance, commitment or because a player has dedicated his/her summer to practicing on their own.
  • We believe having a flexible roster is not only healthy for players, teams, clubs and families but also reflects a realistic understanding of the changes occurring in players, families, teams and clubs over a 12 month period


  • We believe soccer is a kick in the grass, a blast, loads of fun, the cats meow, the bee's knees, and the world's favorite pastime and should be played, watched, enjoyed and read about daily.